Friday, 8 July 2016

Workarounds for Mapping variables and parameters and sequence generators and sorters in BDE

Mapping variables and parameters and sequence generators and sorters in BDE

Since there are no mapping variables/parameters and sequence generators in BDE, you can use the following workarounds:

For mapping variables and parameters, you can use a control table or a files instead and read the control tables or files in the mapping and use the content of the table/files in your mapping. Create a look up on the control table to get values for all the parameters defined in the control table. You can update the control table if the parameter needs to be updated at the end of the run.

For Sequence generator, you can use UUID (Unique Identified) functions instead. These UUID functions are alphanumeric and if you need numeric only then use Java functions.

HSQL does sorting by default. i.e Hadoop does the sorting and so you do not need sorter unless you are using it with a aggregator that has a sorted input. In this case you need to add a sorter to validate the mapping.