Friday, 8 July 2016

Performance tuning of Informatica Big Data Edition Mapping

Performance tuning of Informatica Big Data Edition Mapping

Below are the list of performance tuning steps that can be done in Informatica Big Data Edition:

1)  When using a look up transformation only when the lookup table is small. Lookup data is copied to each node and hence it is slow.

2) Use Joiners instead of lookup for large data sets.

3) Join large data sets before small datasets. Reduce the number of times the large datasets are joined in Informatica BDE.

4) Since Hadoop does not allow updates, you will have to rebuild the target table whenever the record is updated in a target table. Instead of rebuilding  the whole table, consider rebuilding only the impacted partitions.

5) Hive slower with any non string data type. It needs to create temp tables to do the conversion to and from the non string data type to string data type. Use non string data type only when required.

6) Use the data type precision close the actual data. Using higher precision slows down the performance of Informatica BDE.

7) Map only the ports that are required in the mapping transformation or loaded to target. Less number of ports means better performance and less data reads.