Thursday, 12 November 2015

Indirect file processing in Informatica Cloud - Workaround

Indirect file processing ( Filelist) in Informatica Cloud (ICS)

I have a scenario where I need to read list of files (filelist) in Informatica cloud. My research pointed out to couple of articles on Informatica community. Apparently there is a template that we can work with or we need to use filelist connector. I could not find both and so had to come up with a different startegy.

The strategy was:
1) Use powercenter to create the mapping and a workflow that reads from the file list and writes to a oracle target
2) Export it from repository manager as XML file
3) Import it from the informatica cloud as a powercenter task.Map the connection to ICS connections and run it from Informatica cloud.
In Informatica power center we read filelist by setting the property in the session source file to indirect as shown in the screenshot below: Using the same strategy I created my mapping and wrote the records to oracle target. Once I tested the workflow I exported it to Informatica cloud and it worked. 

When you import in Informatica cloud you can map the connection of the oracle target to the connection used in the cloud. Make sure your mapping has only the supported cloud transformations. 

Also the source filelist and the source files have to be in location that is accessible to Informatica cloud (ICS).