Monday, 9 February 2015

Dynamic Filenames and Transaction Control Transformation in Informatica

To create dynamic file names in Informatica, you need to create a target flat file definition with the file name column as one of the port.

To do this, open the target definition in target designer, go to columns tab and you will see an option (shown in screenshot below) to Add Filename column to this table. If you click on that option, a new port will be added for the file name. The value that you pass to this port will decide the file name.

Now to dynamically alter the filename in your mapping you will need a transaction control  transformation. Add transformation control protocal transformation to your mapping just before the target definition. Based on your application logic, you can alter the filename. In simple example shown below, if value of Input1 and Input2 changes you are setting the transaction control condition to start a new filename.The filename port in the transaction control  could be set to something like Input1+'_Filename' so that the value of the filename port changes every time the transaction is committed.