Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Advantage of using deployment groups in Informatica

Advantage of using deployment groups in Informatica

Deployment groups- contains all the informatica objects that need to be migrated to the destination machine. It is one of the easiest method to migrate code from one repository to another if it involves few objects. 

To use deployment groups: 

Go to Repository Manager.
Under Tools>Deployment Groups > Create
Provide a name for the deployment group and add the desired permissions.
Select the informatica objects that you want to migrate , right click and select add to deployment group or you can also copy the objects and paste it to the deployment group
Now copy this deployment group from source repository to the destination repository using normal copy and paste.
The deployment wizard will start and you have to follow the on screen steps.

Advantage of using deployment groups:

1) It is easy to deploy since you can migrate all the objects in one shot just like doing a folder copy.
2) You do not have to create shortcuts manually in the destination folder since deployment group will automatically copy all the shortcuts.
3) You can migrate the changes without having to copy the dependencies such as source or target definition.
4) You can migrate only the portions of the workflow that have changed by adding only those objects from the workflow to the deployment group and remigrating the workflow. For example, if you have add 3 sessions to the workflow, then add the 3 sessions to the deployment group and also the workflow ( no dependencies) to the deployment group. This will migrate the workflow with those 3 sessions only to the target and add those 3 sessions to the workflow in the  target repository.
5) You can automatically set to validate all the objects in the target repository though I have found that this is time consuming.