Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How to set up and sync Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker and Review

How to set up and sync Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker? Review at end of this article.

1) Unbox the fitbit package. You should have the below parts in it.

2) Charge the flex chip (the small chip on the left side of the pic above) by inserting into cable that has USB plug at the end (the one in the top of the pic above) and connecting the cable to USB port of your computer. Also, you can connect it to USB charger that plugs into power slots. Once fully charged all the four light indicators on the chip turns on.

Creating fitbit account and the software

3) Now go to and download the software for the flex model and install the software on your computer. If you have a model other then flex then download the software for that mode. 

4)  Open your Fitbit Connect application. You can set up your device and create a fitbit account by clicking on the Set up a New Fitbit Device link.

5)Click on the New to Fitbit link and then set up your account. You will use this account to login to and see all your activities.

6) After you have set up your account, you need to track your activity with fitbit. Insert the fitbit chip in your fitbit wristband. The device will start tracking your movement in terms of steps taken. Basically every time you move your hand, walk, run etc.

Syncing your fitbit

7) Now to see the activities tracked by your fitbit, you need to sync your fitbit device with your fitbit account. To do this, you insert the fitbit dongle to USB port on your computer.

8)  Start the fit bit connect application and click on the sync button. You need to have your fitbit wristband along with the chip close to the dongle for it to detect and read your activities from the tracker.

9) After sync is complete, click on Go to link or open and login using the account created in one of the steps above. This should take you into account dashboard that will show all the activities tracked in the day by hour.

 10) In your dashboard, you can see the number of steps and calories burnt in the day by hour.

11) That should be it. Sync your activities every now and then. Also, keep your fitbit tracker chip charged once every 2-3 days.

12) If you have android or Iphone, you can install the fitbit app and that app should take care of syncing your activities without having to use the dongle etc.

a) Easy to set up, sync and check the daily stats. A nice and informative dashboard that gives counts of steps, calories burnt and a graph that plots number of steps by time.
b) LED indicators to indicate the amount of battery power left.
c) A bit hard to wear because of the clip that is used to lock the strip. We have to press it hard for it lock. I would have liked if it was more like a normal watch band. May be it is designed this way so that it hugs the wrist tightly.
d) Comes with two wristbands of different sizes. 
e) Very light weight. Looks stylish.
f) Dongle helps to sync using normal PC. Apps available for Android and Iphone.