Monday, 1 December 2014

Informatica Java transformation - Enable high precision to resolve bind column to data type BIG Decimal

If you see the below error message in your Informatica session log and the session is failing  , then most likely cause is your high precision setting on the session and the java transformation. Enable high precision as shown in the the screenshot below. You might also have to enable high precision when decimal values with high precisions are used in your Informatica code.

14) ERROR      node91    TRANSF_1_1_1    JAVA PLUGIN_1762    [ERROR] Failed to bind column with index [0] to data type [BIG_DECIMAL]
ERROR   node91    TRANSF_1_1_1    JAVA PLUGIN_1762    [ERROR]     at com.informatica.powercenter.sdk.server.IBufferInit.bindColumnDataType(
ERROR    node91   TRANSF_1_1_1    JAVA PLUGIN_1762    [ERROR]     at com.informatica.powercenter.server.jtx.JTXPartitionDriverImplGen.init(

Resolution:  Enable high precision on both the session and the Java transformation as shown in the screenshot below:

To enable high precision on Java transformation, go to the mapping and open the JAVA transformation. Go to Java code tab and at the botton you will see settings link. Open that link and you can see option to enable high precision. Enable and save the setting.

To enable high precision for the Informatica session, go to the session in the workflow and open the session for editing. In the properties tab, you will see the option to enable high precision.Save the changes.