Thursday, 13 November 2014

Troubleshooting amazon redshift connections issues:

Troubleshooting amazon redshift connections issues:

a) Could not connect or resolve host name

Resolution/Cause: This means the cluster is not up or your cluster address is wrong. Check the obbc/jdbc setting. Bring the cluster up.

b) ][ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver]Seeding the PRNG failed, most likely because the system does not have /dev/random. Connection String.

][Database Classes][Error] Failed to connect to data source. Error message: Connect failed.

Cause: cluster down for maintenance or is not available.

c) [ODBC PostgresSQL Wire protocol driver] FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "". user "something", database "something", SSL off

Resolution: Have the SSL mode On i.e. in Allow mode. This is a client side setting. If you are using AQT, Workbench, or any client to connect, you need to have SSL mode on if you are getting the above error.

d) [ODBC PostgreSQL Wire Protocol driver]SSL I/O Error.

Resolution: This could be caused by the cluster not being up, or the odbc not being configured properly or the connection being dropped from huge volume of data. Most likely cause being the connection being dropped because the odbc driver is trying to read large chuncks of data.