Saturday, 8 November 2014

Spector T230- Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Review

 Spector T230- Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Review

If you wondering what is the best gift you can give for christmas or as a corporate gift and you love music, then this product might be a great choice. I got this as a gift from my company and I totally love it. What is that is so special about this speaker? It does great stuff for a small palm size speaker. I'm sure few years ago to get the volume and clarity that this bluetooth speaker provides, we would have to go with an expensive speaker and which is few times bigger in size.

The few things that I like about this bluetooth speaker:
a) Very small in size and can be carried even in a pocket.
b) Looks very cute and stylish.
c) It surprises every one with the volume and clarity of sound. The clarity and volumes is great even few meters away from the speakers. You can hide the speaker in your pocket and make people wonder where is the sound coming from :). Which makes it ideal for taking it to picnic spots or wherever you want in your house without connecting wires to the source of music or to power slots.
d) Connects with both my android and blackberry phone through Bluetooth. Turn the switch in the speaker to Bluetooth mode and then find the speaker on your phone through Bluetooth and connect. As  simple as that. The phone does not have to be very close.
e) It runs for a long time and does not need charging every hour. I runs it many times before taking it for charging. It has USB charging.

Lastly, do not take it to any relative or friends house who might like it so much and ask you to give it to them. I have some people like that in my family, so I don't take it along with me when I visit them lol :)

The manual for spector T230 can be found here:

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