Sunday, 5 October 2014

Review: Le Pan TC082A 8" 8GB Android 4.2.2 Tablet With Cortex-A7 Quad Core Processor - Black - English

Review: Le Pan TC082A 8" 8GB Android 4.2.2 Tablet With Cortex-A7 Quad Core Processor - Black - English

What are the important thing you get in this le pan tc082A tablet that you wont find in other cheap android tablets in the $100-150 range?

a) First to start with, I'm getting a bigger screen size. It has 8 inch screen compared to 7 inch found in other branded or unbranded cheaper tablets such as acer, asus, notebook, etc for that price range.
b) It has both front and back facing camera. In most of the other tablets, it is mostly front facing and I want to have both of it. You never know when you need a rear facing camera too. The resolution of rear facing is 5MP which is pretty good.
c) The speed is good. It has 1.2Ghz cortex-A& processor with 1GB ram which is a very reasonable configuration. I never had issues with speed with this tablet. Awesome response time. With Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system you can enjoy a smooth, customizable experience and access to apps on Google Play
d) The looks of the tablet is another important thing for me. I don't want the tablet to look cheap. Le pan has good styling on their tablet.  

My work around for better battery life:

The battery life is reasonable. However, I don't like charging every now and then. So I turn the wifi off when I'm not using my le pan tablet and that is keeping the battery on for a longer time.

There are a few things that this tablet can do better. To list a few:

1) Volume is low. It is not using the speakers efficiently. If you have ear phones, then the loudness is fine.
2) The rear facing camera app zooms automatically. Something I'm not able to get a handle on. I have installed another app for camera.
3) If you are hands are pretty sweaty then the touch screen sometimes does not respond. This might be issue with lot of other tablets that use the same touch screen technology.

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I'm using this le pan tablet from last 7 months and felt compelled to write a review about this tablet. I had bought this for 129$ and it seems to be selling at the same price at BestBuy even now. Every now and then I hear about everyone buying IPAD and some expensive tablets and being a techie I really don't understand why I need to spend so much on a tablet considering the main purpose of tablets are for mobility, surfing, watching videos, and menial stuff like that for most of them.For high end stuff laptops or desktops are a best fit. Hence, I shopped around a lot and ended up buying this tablet. I was skeptical at first considering it is not such a well know brand but the looks of it and the features it offered for that price made me take that risk. I have to say I'm very happy with that tablet. Everyone thinks it is expensive and it really looks slick and expensive. It is good for web browsing (crome and safari), videos and pics, video chatting, etc.

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