Saturday, 9 August 2014

How to migrate/deploy code from one environment to another in Informatica

There are mainly three ways to migrate/deploy code from one environment to another in Informatica. Those three ways are:

Method 1- Deployment groups- This involves creating a deployment group from the repository manager with all the informatica objects that need to be migrated to the destination machine. This most likey is used wherever there is version control used in the destination machine since the deployed objects can be rolled back to the previous version. The steps to create deployment group is below:

Go to Repository Manager.
Under Tools>Deployment Groups > Create
Provide a name for the deployment group and add the desired permissions.
Select the informatica objects that you want to migrate , right click and select add to deployment group or you can also copy the objects and paste it to the deployment group
Now copy this deployment group from source repository to the destination repository using normal copy and paste.
The deployment wizard will start and you have to follow the on screen steps

Method 2- Import/Export using XML- In this method all the objects (source/target definitions, mappings, workflows, etc) are exported as xml to local hard disk from the source repository using either workflow manager or repositor manager. The exported XMLs are imported into the destination machine. Make sure to import the source/target definitions before the mappings.

Method 3- Drap and drop/copy and paste method- This is the most simplistic one. Open the target and source repository in repository manager. You can do it with workflow manager too but repository manager is more better option. Copy first all the source/targets then you want to migrate and paste it to the destination machine. Next do the same with mappings, sessions, workflows in this order. The shortcuts need to be created in the designer.

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