Saturday, 19 July 2014

Consuming WebService In Informatica

To read data from share point or in general from any web service, use the following steps:
1)    Create a web service consumer transformation using the mapping designer.
To create the web service consumer transformation you need the wsdl (web service definition language) file of the web service you are trying to connect. In this case, it is the wsdl from the web service you are reading from sharepoint. Please ask the web service developer to provide you the wsdl file.  In the example below you are reading the GetListItems webservice.
Using the wsdl, create the web service consumer transformation. Configure the end point URL in web service consumer properties tab. Also, enter the End point URL.

2) Add the web service transformation to the mapping. The response of the web service transformation can then be parse by an xml parser. To create the xml parser use the xml from the getlistitems web service. Ask the web service developer the XML or use the web service consumer created above to write the XML to a flat file. Now take the XML from that flat and use XML editor such as xml spy can help to create .dtd files required to create the xml parser. Parse the XML using Informatica mapping to get the desired output.


3) Finally, in the workflow the connection to the GetListItems should be configured properly. The GetListitems connection will be application connection of type web service consumer. The End point URL should be configured for this connection.

 Check out how to create xml parser in Informatica using XML Spy: