Thursday, 10 July 2014

Difference between Waterfall vs Agile Methodology

Difference between Waterfall vs Agile Methodology

Waterfall is a more sequential SDLC methodology where requirement gathering, coding, testing, UAT , implementation phases happen one after another. Each phase has to complete before another phase starts.

Agile methodology is focused on delivery of smaller incremental release of working software that is more responsive to changes, and allows users to use the software earlier than waterfall model.

Agile development methodologies:

Each methodology interprets the agile principles slightly differently

List of methodologies:
   a) Extreme Programming (XP)
   b) Scrum
   c) Lean and Kanban

   d) Feature Drive Development
   e) Adaptive System Development
   f) Agile Unified Process and Essential Unified Process
   h) Crystal and Dynamic Systems Development Method

Factors influencing success of agile:

a) Team collaboration and willingness to adapt to change.
b)  Push by the management to train and help the employess adapt. Having a trained agile consultant could help.
c)  Bringing the business users on aboard with this methodology and involving them early on.
d) Type of project and criticality also play a role.
e) Smaller teams and co located teams are better for agile methodologies since it is easier to cordinate.

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